Live from the Hong Kong Jewellery show

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Dimexon vice-president of sales Pranav Mehta gives an interview from the booth of the March 2024 edition of the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show.



What do you like about this show?

I think it's a great platform to meet all your local and international clients.


What has the mood been like among buyers?

Overall the mood is cautiously optimistic. People had come with less expectations. So it's pretty much managed.


How has the show been for Dimexon?

The show was good as we met with some of our major clients, understand how the year 2023 went by, what are the plans for 2024, and what are the areas where we can improve and grow the business together.


Who would you say the hardest-working member of the team has been?

So I would say the entire team has put in a lot of efforts together right from the India team to get the shipments ready. The Hong Kong team did a great job of receiving the shipments on Sunday and making sure the goods are all there and ready. I would say there's not any single member but I think the entire Bombay and Hong Kong team have put in a lot of efforts and made the show a very good one, comfortable one for the clients.


What advice would you offer someone visiting the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show?

So I think it's a great place to network and to get a sense of what the sentiments of the markets are, where the market is headed to in the coming six months, so you get the right feeling as to what's happening. It's also a great place where you get to see the entire range of goods under one roof.


Where can people see Dimexon next?

Next, we'll be exhibiting at the IIJS premier show which will be held in India and starting from 8th of August.



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