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The story of Dimexon

About Dimexon

Our integrity as a family-run company rests on our commitment to our staff, our fair and open dealings with our clients and mining partners, and our long-term investment in the communities in which we operate.


Dimexon owes its existence to the vision of Pankaj Mehta, a self-made man who in 1966 founded what would become an international market leader.

As a young man, he was determined to create a company that would stand the test of time, based on the values of integrity, transparency, attention to detail and support for the communities it works in. It was his vision and hard work that built the company and created the foundations for its future success and strong ethics.
Pankaj grew up in family that ran a successful jewellery retail business in Coimbatore, India. Then, at the age of just 16, he travelled to Mumbai with the ambition of founding a global diamond manufacturing business. This was the start of Dimexon.

Under his astute leadership, Dimexon became a De Beers Sightholder in 1976, recognised for its adoption of the latest manufacturing systems and processes, and its commitment to good governance.


Dimexon is a second-generation family business, managed by the next generation of the Mehta family, namely Pankaj’s sons, Rajiv and Vishal Mehta.

In 2003, Pankaj challenged his sons to come up with a plan for the future, as a start point for the succession process. Corporate governance at the time was a rare term, so they started the process piece by piece.

Rajiv and Vishal have always kept their father's vision in mind. He aimed to create a sustainable company with strong values and longevity. For this reason, they have continued to improve Dimexon's governance practices over the years, and have shown they have the passion, drive and ability to run a successful and sustainable, world-leading diamond business.


Kirtilal Mehta establishes Kirtilal's, a luxury jewellery retail business in Coimbatore, India

Pankaj Mehta sets up diamond manufacturing business Dimexon in Coimbatore, India

Dimexon becomes a De Beers Sightholder

Dimexon becomes the first diamond company in the world to be a voluntary signatory of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Dimexon achieves membership of the Responsible Jewellery Council

SAP develops a system to track Dimexon's diamonds through the supply chain

Rio Tinto selects the company to be part of its Select Diamantaires programme

Rajiv and Vishal Mehta take over the day-to-day running of the company from their father Pankaj Mehta

Dimexon joins the World Diamond Council, with Rajiv Mehta later joining the board

Traceability data and reporting is made available to Dimexon clients for the first time

The first annual Dimexon ESG report is released, and the group becomes a member of the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030

Dimexon commits to the SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative) and the UN WEP (Women Empowerment Principles)

SDTC becomes a Dimexon Group company

Female empowerment

When Pankaj Mehta set up his manufacturing plant in Coimbatore more than five decades ago, he had a desire to break down barriers by hiring mostly local women - something unheard of at that time. Today, more than three quarters of our staff are women. We believe it is our duty as a modern, diverse and forward-thinking business to support women’s rights and dignity in the workplace, creating a fairer and more productive business structure.

Equality, fairness and female empowerment are core elements of the Dimexon DNA.
Technical training and flexible working hours help us retain and promote our female staff. At our offices around the world, from Asia to Antwerp, women hold roles in account management, finance, servicing, sales and manufacturing. 


Our corporate responsibility is deeply embedded within our business philosophy. We have been a De Beers Global Sightholder since 1976, going above and beyond its strict rules on ethics, financial prudence and adherence to the Kimberley Process.

We are also a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire and a member of The Responsible Jewellery Council.

Dimexon is fully AML-compliant and have been a voluntary signatory to the IFRS since 2006. As the first diamond company to subscribe to IFRS standards, Dimexon led the way. In due course, De Beers required all its Sightholders to follow suit to improve financial transparency and the stability of the diamond sector.

We use our standing and reputation not just to benefit our own company, but to inspire organisations in the diamond industry to follow our example.