Coimbatore: where the world’s best melee diamonds take shape

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Established by our founder Pankaj Mehta in 1966, our site in Coimbatore, India, functions as the beating heart of our operation. In this lush, green, state-of-the-art facility our artisans expertly cut and polish our ethically crafted diamonds.

Surrounded by the vertiginous green mountains of the Western Ghats is Coimbatore, a city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu that is famous for its jewellery exports. One of the companies leading that reputation is Dimexon.  

In Coimbatore, we have established a cutting-edge diamond production facility. We buy all our rough stones direct from the mines of trusted and responsible partners, and then ship them to Coimbatore to be expertly cut and polished by our large team of skilled diamantaires.

Our cutters and polishers benefit from our investment in the latest technologies and lean manufacturing processes to produce the most beautiful and impeccably crafted melee diamonds in the world. By controlling the supply chain from rough diamond to polished stone, and beyond, we can ensure full transparency and authenticity. 

All of our traceable diamonds are logged into our award-winning SAP ERP system in Coimbatore as uncut gems, and continue to be traced through the chain as they morph into brilliant melee diamonds at the hands of our skilled personnel. Before being sent to our sorting house in Mumbai, and on to our sales offices around the world, every diamond is screened by cutting-edge detection technology to ensure our supply consists of 100% natural diamonds.  

Our Coimbatore campus provides employment for more than 1,600 workers, 85% of who are women. When our founder Pankaj Mehta first set up his diamond business in the area in 1966, he looked to the local community to seek out the talent he needed to achieve his vision of becoming the world’s leading supplier of melee diamonds. He found it in the women of the community.   

Over the decades, we have continued to focus on the employment and upskilling of our female employees in an area of India where opportunities for women are limited. We provide industry-recognised development programmes for them to acquire new skills and progress within the company. 

Our positive and empowered culture feeds into every element of production, and we strive to ensure that our Coimbatore campus is an inspiring and safe place to work. As well as encouraging the professional ambitions of our staff and operating our facility ethically, we also run many initiatives that care for the health and personal development of our team and support the local community. 

We approach our environmental impact with a similar vigour. Our Coimbatore facility is a green space, with more than 350 plants and shrubs around the site. As well as creating a pleasant environment, these plants absorb 6.8 tCO2e of carbon each year and encourage biodiversity. More than half the water we use to power our facility is recycled, and we are certified as discharging zero water outside the facility, protecting the local eco system from any potential pollutants. We also intend to make our Coimbatore headquarters carbon neutral by 2030, to remove all single-use plastics by 2023 and to achieve zero landfill waste by 2025.

Coimbatore is the beating heart of Dimexon, and we will continue to cherish this incredible place and the people, practices and technology that make it world class. We are always looking for new ways to invest and improve to ensure we maintain the reputation for quality, excellence and ethics that has secured us the consistent patronage of the industry’s best-known jewellery and watch brands.

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