How can I tell if melee diamonds are natural?

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At Dimexon, we don’t accept imitations and neither should you. This is why we guarantee our melee diamond stock is 100% natural. Why not put us to the test? We always do…


Ensuring melee diamonds are natural mined gemstones is often on the minds of our clients. As the quality and quantity of laboratory-grown diamonds on the market increases, we understand that peace of mind concerning authenticity is more important than ever. Yet, it’s not something we have to worry too much about at Dimexon, thanks to our pioneering use of cutting-edge detection technology.


When you buy from us, we guarantee that 100% of your stock will be natural conflict-free diamonds. This assurance allows our clients to sell confidently, which in turn allows consumers to buy natural diamonds with confidence. It’s a win-win all round.


So how do we do it? Even though the hands our diamonds pass through are minimal – we buy rough diamonds direct from the mines and sell stones we have polished and sorted in house direct to our wholesale clients – supply chains always have weak points. As such, we have identified potential contamination points and implemented processes to avoid this.


We also operate a blanket screening of every single sustainable diamond, before it leaves our hands, to ensure authenticity. Screening for stones between 1mm and 3.8mm takes place at our facility, where we use De Beers-developed AMSII or HRD-developed M-Screen 4.0 technology. Any diamonds that are smaller or larger than this are sent to respected independent laboratories, such as Forevermark’s IIDGR or the International Gemological Institute (IGI), for testing.


We were one of the first suppliers to introduce a stringent Diamond Integrity Assurance policy to our ethically sourced diamonds [link to: Discover how we track every diamond from mine to your design], and it continues to be a major point of difference between us and other diamond suppliers.


This is why we don’t have too many sleepless nights when it comes to the authenticity of our melee diamonds, and why we stand confidently by our 100% natural diamond guarantee.

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