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Knowing where your diamonds come from is vital in today’s consumer climate. This is why we track our sustainable melee throughout the supply chain, so you can sell with confidence.


It has been said that true luxury can be found in a strong provenance story. Knowing an object’s origin can transform it; a few miles can turn champagne into fizzy wine, after all. The same can be said of diamonds.


We all understand the jewellery consumer mindset is changing. It is no longer enough for a product to be beautiful. Today, your clients want to know more about where their jewellery came from. Most will have questions about whether those brilliant gemstones bringing your design light and sparkle are sustainable diamonds or not.


As an ethical diamond supplier, we are passionate about clarity. Dimexon was an early adopter of diamond tracking technology, first teaming up with software innovator SAP in 2006; a time that predates the invention of blockchain, which is increasingly being used in the diamond industry to bring clarity to the supply chain. Thanks to this early partnership, we were the first natural diamond supplier to implement SAP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This allowed us to track the journey of our sustainable diamonds from the mines to our cutting and sorting facilities in India to our European HQ that dispatches our diamonds from Antwerp direct to our customers.


The technology we use now has improved since those early days, but the fundamentals remain the same. All of our conflict-free diamonds are tracked through the supply chain using specialist software, allowing us to guarantee the origin of our stones.


And that supply chain is tight. We buy rough diamonds direct from trusted mining partners, such as De Beers Group and Rio Tinto. We have been a De Beers Sightholder since 1976, and in 2006 we became a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire.


The rest of the magic happens in house at Dimexon. The diamonds arrive as rough gems and are split into melee diamonds by our skilled cutters and polishers at our leafy, spacious complex in Coimbatore, India. Our workshop, which provides thousands of jobs in the local community, is run to strict ESG (environmental, social and governance) guidelines to ensure that we respect our people and the planet while producing the world’s best-quality melee diamonds.


From there, our ethically sourced diamonds travel to our sorting facility in Mumbai, where they are assessed, perfectly calibrated and screened to ensure they are 100% natural. The final step is for our diamond parcels to stop off at our European headquarters in Antwerp, where staff will perform final quality control checks before sending them direct to clients.

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