This is why the biggest jewellery brands in the world trust us

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Our fully traceable and sustainably crafted diamonds are always expertly calibrated. Time spent on precision cutting and sorting means financial savings for our clients.


Our client list is a starry affair. On it you will find the most famous jewellery and watch brands in the world. When working with the calibre of clientele we do, you have to have exacting standards that match their own. You also have to offer them an edge that other diamond suppliers don’t.


There are lots of reasons why brands trust us. Our melee diamonds are responsibly sourced, fully traceable and we have a strong, consistent supply. The other factor that makes us different is our precision cutting and diligent sorting.


Through, the leading ethical diamond supplier platform, we supply four categories of sustainable diamonds: loupe clean, fine VS, white SI and commercial SI. Our sizes range from 0.90 mm to 2.70 mm (in 0.05 mm increments), with colour gradings D through G.


When buying small natural diamonds, you might pay less attention to these factors, but as the major players know, calibration is king. Knowing exactly what you will receive when you order a parcel of our ethically sourced diamonds means that you can plan ahead effectively; your cash flow isn’t tangled up in piles of diamonds that didn’t quite fit the designs.


Staying agile is vital to a jewellery business, which is why our teams in Coimbatore and Antwerp work so hard to ensure that what you buy is what you get. This might sound like a simple concept, but when you are working at the micro level, as we do with our melee diamonds, it requires a steely level of determination.


Our cutters have decades of experience, passed down through generations, as do our diligent sorters. Every conflict-free diamond is cut from rough at our spacious green campus in Coimbatore, before being sent to our sorting facility in Mumbai, where our team use Sortoscope technology to ensure the highest possible accuracy. The diamonds then travel to our offices in Antwerp for a final quality control evaluation before being sent direct to our clients, who use them to bring perfectly calibrated brilliance to jewellery designs.

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