What’s our minimum order for diamonds? We don’t have one

Posted by Rik Verkaart on

When you buy diamonds online with us there is no minimum order. This allows you to buy only what you need, when you need it; helping you stay in control of your cashflow.


One of the hardest elements of running a business is managing cashflow. In the jewellery industry this is particularly true, as the financial stakes tend to be higher. When we branched out and opened up our industry-leading supply of sustainable melee diamonds to small- and medium-sized businesses, we felt we could use this to initiate a better way of doing business.


You can now shop for ethically sourced melee diamonds online with Dimexon, with no minimum commitment. To do so, you simply need to register an interest via our website and our team will be in touch to verify you as a genuine trade buyer. From that point on, buying the exact amount of conflict-free diamonds you require is as easy as making any other online purchase.


Dropping the minimum order that many other diamond suppliers insist on means you never have a stash of diamonds taking up room in the safe and – more importantly – tying up cash you could put to work in other areas of your business. Simply order what you need, when you need it.


As well as helping keep your business lean, our customers tell us that having no minimum order is also useful for last-minute creations or one-off bespoke creations. Simply calculate the amount, size and quality of sustainable diamonds you need and place an order online. Once received, we will dispatch natural diamonds from Antwerp straight to you within 24 hours, with free shipping on purchases exceeding $500.


No commitment. No minimum order. Next-day dispatch. Always 100% natural melee diamonds, responsibly sourced and ethically produced. Welcome to Dimexon.  

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