When you are designing with diamonds, precision is everything

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The benefits of sourcing perfectly calibrated diamonds are twofold. Knowing exactly what will arrive in your parcel will save time and ensure flawless production, but it can also save you money. 

Crafting the perfect jewel takes time and planning. Artistry and romance might be the beginnings of a design, but the final execution comes down to precision and millimetres. This is why ensuring you have the right sizes of diamonds at your disposal during the production stage is essential.

Calibration is something that Dimexon takes very seriously. We know the value it can add to your business, and how having access to the correct sizes of diamonds can make or break a setter’s day. This is why when you order a parcel of melee diamonds from us, you will always get exactly what you’ve ordered. This consistency is what has won us the patronage of some of the world’s most famous watch and jewellery houses

After our diamonds are cut and polished at our facility in Coimbatore, India, they are sent to our sorting house in Mumbai. Here, our experts divide the diamonds into carefully calibrated parcels, aided by their extensive gemmological training and experience. To ensure diamonds of the same size are grouped together, we use Belgian-made precision steel sieves that are crafted to the highest industry specifications.

While our people are our pride, and we employ some of the best sorters in the industry, we also believe in investing in technology for additional assurances. At our sorting house, we use Sortoscope technology to ensure that what we promise is what we deliver. A Sortoscope is a device similar to a microscope that allows our diamond experts to efficiently examine and sort even the smallest melee diamonds by purity, colour and cut. The results are much more precise and reliable than those obtained with a loupe.

When buying parcels of natural diamonds from us, you can choose from 36 options within four standards: loupe clean, fine, fair and commercial. Our diamond sizes start at 0.9mm through to 2.7mm, and we offer colours D through G. All our diamonds are screened using the latest technology to ensure our supply is 100% natural. 

By confidently ordering exactly what you need, you can rest assured that as soon as your diamonds arrive – usually within three business days of placing an order on Dimexon.com – you can get to work. Our perfect calibration will also help your business to stay lean, as there will be less wastage; half parcels of diamonds that weren’t quite the right size left waiting in the safe for the next commission will be a problem of the past. We also offer no minimum order, so you need buy only what you require, and if for some reason, it is not quite right we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee so your cash flow is always protected.

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