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Dimexon’s story begins with Pankaj Mehta, a self made man who in 1966 at the age of eighteen opened a diamond manufacturing business in Mumbai. What began as a handful of people in a small workshop has evolved into an international market leader in the diamond sector with offices spread across five countries.

Dimexon is a second-generation family run business, active in all major markets worldwide, managed by the next generation of the Mehta family, namely Pankaj Mehta’s sons, Rajiv and Vishal. Dimexon specialises in traceable, calibrated, small-diamonds of the highest quality and consistency, which they provide to leading global jewellery and watch brands.

Pankaj Mehta’s vision was to create a diamond manufacturer that would be renowned as much for its principles as for its product. Dimexon was built upon the cornerstones of integrity, transparency, attention to detail and support of local communities.

In 1976, Dimexon became a De Beers Sightholder recognised for its adoption of the advanced manufacturing systems and processes as well as its commitment to good governance. Dimexon has continued to evolve as an agile and innovative leader embracing the values of the founder to transform the diamond market.

Dimexon has championed the rise women, scrutinised the journey of each stone and while they work with the most established jewellery and watch brands, they have expanded their offering to foster trading with smaller companies.

The rise of women

Dimexon has over 3,000 employees across offices in Antwerp, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Copenhagen - with more than three quarters of the staff being women. It is the largest diamond manufacturer in the world to employ women at such a majority scale. Pankaj Mehta understood that in order to lift a society, women must receive opportunities and pay parity with their male counterparts. However, retaining women in cultures where there are multiple hurdles for women to work is no easy task. Dimexon set up childcare solutions, transportation to and from work, technical training and flexible working hours to help support the female staff. With the increased number of dual-income families, the socio-economic status in certain regions improved.

Traceability: the journey of each stone

In the complex diamond industry, traceability has always been a challenge, especially for smaller, non-certified stones, the type used as pavé accents. Dimexon has used its unique position in the centre of the supply chain to prioritise transparency. Dimexon buys rough diamonds directly from mining companies, cuts and polishes them entirely in-house and sells directly to jewellery and watch brands. Allowing them a level of control that other manufacturers do not have. They have also implemented an industry-leading technology platform called SAP ERP software across its end-to-end supply chain. This facilitated an automated tracing of stones from rough to polished. Customers are reassured that every diamond supplied by Dimexon is natural, responsibly sourced and conflict-free.

Supporting smaller businesses

In November, 2021 Dimexon expanded its offering to create an online trading platform dedicated to giving smaller companies access to Dimexon’s ethical, traceable small- calibrated diamonds with no minimum order. Dimexon is the first major diamond manufacturer to create such a service, which is expected to boost the capability of smaller watch and jewellery companies.

It is extremely rare for such an established company with leading multi-national clients to offer a no minimum order service, but Dimexon remembers it’s roots as a small workshop in Mumbai and pledged to support the growth of other visionary businesses.

Through bold leadership, Dimexon has evolved into a preeminent diamond manufacturer committed to strong values: quality, traceability, fair leadership, female empowerment and ethical sourcing. For decades remaining at the forefront of the diamond industry, seeing opportunities where others see limits, disrupting the status quo in order to encourage industry advancement.

About Dimexon

Dimexon is a leading diamond manufacturer, specialising in melee and calibrated round diamonds and are the preferred partner to some of the world’s most exclusive watch and jewellery maisons. They are renowned for traceable, ethically sourced, natural diamonds along with an innovative range of tailor-made solutions to help customers efficiently manage their supply chain. Dimexon primarily sources its natural rough diamonds through long-term contracts with major mining companies, namely, De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto. The Group was founded in 1966 by Mr. Pankaj Mehta and has since become a second-generation family business and international market leader. For more information visit:

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