Dimexon: A world-leading diamond manufacturer with family values

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Dimexon is now a truly global operation, providing the world’s best sustainable diamonds to the most discerning brands, but despite this rapid growth it remains in family hands

Dimexon owes its ethical and purpose-led credentials to the vision of its founder, Pankaj Mehta. From the very beginning, the diamond visionary forged Dimexon based on values of integrity, transparency, attention to detail, and respect for the communities it works within

Pankaj Mehta was born into the jewellery industry. His family ran a jewellery retail store called Kirtilal’s in Coimbatore, southern India, which was founded by Kirtilal Kalidas Mehta in 1939. The business still exists today and has 12 showrooms selling its award-winning jewellery, which is all made at its own workshops.   

Wishing to strike out on his own, Pankaj moved to Mumbai aged just 16, with a vision to set up a diamond business. After picking up valuable experience, he saw a potential to set up a facility that would cut and polish small melee diamonds. His vision took him back home to Coimbatore in 1966, where he canvassed local communities to convince women to join his endeavour. It was rare for women to work in rural India, but as he saw it a female workforce was better suited to handle the small stones. This decision would spark an era of empowerment for the women of his community that continues to this day, with Dimexon retaining a workforce that is 85% female.  

Over the years, Dimexon grew in provenance, and we now supply some of the best-known jewellery and watch brands in the world. In addition to our cutting and polishing facility in Coimbatore, which has been expanded to make it one of India’s largest manufacturers, Dimexon now has a sorting house in Mumbai and sales offices in key locations including Antwerp, Hong Kong, Dubai and London. We became a De Beers Sightholder in 1976, a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire and we were one of the founding members of The Responsible Jewellery Council. 

Pankaj remains chairman at Dimexon, but in 2003 he passed the day-to-day running of the business over to his sons, Vishal Mehta and Rajiv Mehta. When he did so, he challenged them to come up with a plan for the future. Keeping the vision of their father in mind, the brothers set out their own concept for a business that would be run ethically and sustainably, while delivering long-term growth and value. 

Through their passion and drive, this new generation has instigated a corporate restructure with a focus on corporate governance. Dimexon is fully Anti-Money-Laundering compliant and has been a voluntary signatory to the IFRS since 2006. Under their guidance, we also launched our first ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) report, Diamonds with Purpose, in 2022.

Dimexon has also explored new opportunities under the leadership of Vishal and Rajiv. In 2013, Dimexon launched Joaillier Privé, a bespoke service for haute joaillerie, and last year the diamond supplier set up Dimexon.com to allow businesses of all sizes to order its ethical melee diamonds online, with no minimum order.  

Vishal and Rajiv continue to hold their father’s values close to their hearts as they forge a future for Dimexon. As the business continues to grow and adapt to new challenges in the diamond market, every decision made is underpinned by the Mehta family’s shared strong sense of purpose and ethics.

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