Natural Diamond Council releases film on our Coimbatore HQ

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‘Empowering Women. Changing Lives’ mini documentary spotlights Dimexon’s unwavering dedication to the community in Tamil Nadu.

The Dimexon team in Coimbatore recently opened the doors of our diamond cutting and polishing facility to a film crew from the Natural Diamond Council. The result is a beautifully shot story of how Dimexon has been positively impacting the lives of local women; helping them to learn new skills, gain independence, forge their own career paths, and make friendships in a safe and supportive environment.

Recorded at our facility in Coimbatore, the short film showcases some of the impressive women who work at Dimexon, as well as an interview with our founder Pankaj Mehta, whose progressive vision created the women-centric ethos of the business and is continued by his sons, Rajiv and Vishal Mehta.

Revathi Interview

It tells the story of Revathi, one of Coimbatore’s assistant managers. Having joined Dimexon more than 34 years ago, Revathi worked her way through the ranks, becoming an assistant manager in our production team, and is now responsible for more than 1,500 people. Revathi has also brought in three generations of her family who work for Dimexon across the globe, with her brother working with us at our sorting office in Mumbai, her son in our Dubai sales office, and, most recently, her daughter joining her in Coimbatore.

Also showcased in the film is Anita, who has been with Dimexon for 23 years, and has found a strong sense of community with her colleagues at our facility. As she says in the film, even if she faces difficulties at home, she is able to have fun and feel relaxed when she comes to work, and her job with Dimexon has enabled her to provide for her family. As well as now owning her own car and home, Anita has been able to ensure a good education for her daughters. In her own words: “I came in as a rough diamond. That is true. And I have been polished in these past 23 years.” 

It is truly an honour to have been chosen by the Natural Diamond Council as an example of positive action within the diamond industry, and to share our story of championing the women in our community. Watch the full video below.


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