We just planted 2,750 trees with Titan 

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Dimexon continues its commitment to preserving and protecting the planet’s ecosystem by donating to Titan’s Go Green reforestation initiative.

As a supplier of ethically crafted melee diamonds, we are known for our sustainability credentials and we love it when our clients share our values. One of those is Titan Company, the fifth largest integrated own-brand watch manufacturer in the world and a major jewellery producer based in India. 

Titan has launched its 2022 Go Green initiative, which aims to create a greener future for our planet through reforestation. To fundraise for this venture, the manufacturer is running a series of plantation drives as well as a marathon relay run, with the intention of planting trees along the route from Pantnagar to Bengaluru. 

Those who wish to support the cause are encouraged to sponsor the planting of a tree, or take part in the marathon. For every runner who manages to clock up 42.2km - the equivalent of a marathon - over the course of 40 days, Titan will plant a tree on their behalf. 

Research from WWF estimates that we are losing the equivalent of 27 football fields of forest every minute. The Titan Go Green movement has set itself a target of planting 1,000,000 trees across India in 40 days, intending to make a truly colossal impact on the climate and environment in the country.

Dimexon Planting Trees

To support their efforts, Dimexon has donated 2,750 trees to the movement to help build an urban forest that will act as an oxygen lung to the city it inhabits. The trees are rooted using the hybrid Miyawaki method, whereby the sapling is imbued with biomass, organic manure and soil rejuvenation organisms to ensure soil enrichment, zero carbon impact and the healthy growing of the trees themselves. The forest will be made up of over 100 different species of trees, including evergreen and fruit-bearing, to create a rich and diverse forest full of biodiversity.

It gives us immense pride to support Titan and its admirable initiative. Working together as an industry towards a common purpose, we can not only improve the ethics and sustainability of diamonds, but we can strengthen and positively impact the communities in which we operate. As our latest ESG report, Diamonds with Purpose, shows, we have set bold targets to adopt more eco-friendly practices. We aim to be entirely carbon-neutral by 2030 and will eliminate all single-use plastic from our operations by 2023. 

The Titan Go Green movement works to bring together businesses from all across India and have smaller pledges to commit to, meaning no matter the size or what you can manage to offer, we can all work together to create a lasting positive impact on our ecosystem. To donate a tree or log your runs, you can do so here

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