Belgian team compete in the Baloise Antwerp Run

Posted by Rik Verkaart on

Congratulations to the 14 members of Dimexon’s Antwerp office who worked together to take part in the 37th edition of the famous race, showing incredible resilience and teamwork.

This year’s Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles Run, which took place on April 23, 2023, attracted a record-breaking number of participants, with more than 37,500 runners taking part and thousands of supporters cheering them on at the sidelines. Among the runners were members of Dimexon’s Antwerp team, with four running the full 10 mile race and a further 10 running a 6.8km race. 

The team supported one another throughout the entire process, from training together to helping one another overcome challenges they met along the way. The day of the race was no different, with our Antwerp runners helping each other battle through the wind and the rain. Despite the bad weather, the team were able to boost each other’s confidence and encourage one another through every single step to succeed in running a combined total of 82 miles. 

In the 10 mile run, our senior key account officer Rik Barrezeele took first place, and in the 6.8km race, Kristylee Dujale delivered an excellent performance. The participation of each and every Antwerp team member supports our ongoing commitment to improving the mental, physical, emotional and social health of our team. 

We believe that training together for such sporting events not only improves the health of our team, it helps them to better perform at work. Such collaborative training and the achievement of a shared goal helps them to have more confidence to develop new ideas, take controllable risks, and overcome challenges.

Congratulations to every Dimexon team member who took part. Completing the Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles Run is an incredible achievement and an inspiring example of endurance, hard work and commitment.

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