A trip to Botswana for De Beers’ first Sight of 2023

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Dimexon director Rajiv Mehta spends an enlightening weekend with De Beers and fellow industry leaders at the first Sightholder CEO meeting of the year.


In January, CEOs from De Beers Sightholder companies came together in Botswana for a weekend of seminars and networking hosted by De Beers Group. Dimexon director Rajiv Mehta was among them. 

The De Beers Global Sightholder community consists of an eclectic range of businesses, varying from retailers to global manufacturers. In order to become a De Beers Sightholder, each company has to meet a stringent set of financial and ethical requirements, including the diamond miner’s Best Practice Principles, which is considered an industry-leading set of social, labour and environmental standards. By asking its clients to agree to these principles, De Beers helps to improve values across the industry, in all sectors, as well as the ongoing well-being and sustainability of the countries home to the mines. 

Botswana and De Beers have a rich history, with Botswana being home to some of the world’s richest, deepest and oldest diamond mines. The attendees at the Signghtholder meeting got a chance to visit the De Beers headquarters in Gaborne to see the inner workings and practises of the industry pioneer. 

The weekend also involved a series of speeches and presentations from the likes of Paul Rowley, CEO of Global Sightholder Sales at De Beers, and Marc Jacheets, CEO of De Beers Brands. These industry leaders shared information on De Beers’ values and vision for the brand going forward. It was a series of inspiring conversations that will undoubtedly lead the way for the diamond and mining industry globally. 

As always, the weekend was an enriching and stimulating experience, with a heightened focus on the authenticity and importance of provenance in tracking diamonds - a subject closely aligned with Dimexon’s own values. Being a De Beers Global Sightholder allows us to work with like-minded, committed industry leaders, and we will continue to lead the way in our groundbreaking practices. 

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