Bringing joy to people's lives through
our cut and polished diamonds.


To be the leading global polished
diamond company.


Our history & actions are based on
integrity, transparency & respect.


We are trusted suppliers of the world’s most beautiful diamonds. Our client relationships, our expertise and our care for those who work for and with us have kept us at the forefront of the diamond industry for more than 50 years.

We are an agile, efficient and influential global company. 
Our founder’s values of respect and integrity guide everything we do. They inspire us to invest in the sustainability of our business and in the open relationships we have with our employees and business partners.

Our international management team offers exceptional customer service and expertise, backed by the company’s fully audited standards of operation. We are approachable, insightful and responsible. Every diamond we sell across the spectrum comes with a fully traceable, ethical provenance.

Our diamonds

Dimexon supplies its clients with diamonds purchased directly from trusted mining partners. We cut and polish all our stones from rough, giving us complete control over the quality and provenance of the finished product.

Our customers trust us to ensure full sourcing transparency, a trust that they can pass on to their own customers.

Dimexon’s skilled workforce, trained in advanced technologies such as Synova laser scanners and cutters, produces a range of beautiful stones, specialising in calibrated smalls of the highest quality and consistency.

What we offer

Our bagging, fluting and kitting service, which prepares ready-matched diamonds to meet the specific requirements of the watch and jewellery industries, makes the ordering process efficient and stress-free for customers.

Dimexon brings the centuries-old skills of the master cutter up to date with state-of-the-art analysis in the production of its exceptional and immensely rare diamonds, which it sells through its Antwerp office.