Diamonds with Purpose

Our 2022 ESG Report and Roadmap to Sustainable Luxury

Welcome to our first ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) report. Although this style of public reporting is new to us, sustainability has been at the heart of Dimexon’s operations since our launch in 1966.

From the start, we structured our family-owned business to create a positive impact on the diamond industry and the communities we work amongst. This has led to our reputation as a pioneer in responsible diamond supply, thanks to our fully traceable, ethically crafted natural diamonds.

We see success as constant improvement. As such, we continually seek new ways to advance our operations; be that through tighter controls on our supply chain, further development in our people, or taking measures to lower our impact on the environment. Commissioning our first ESG report allows us to see where we are now, and to set ourselves some ambitious goals for the future. Join us on our journey to sustainable luxury by downloading the report.


“We have set bold targets, including being carbon neutral by 2030, to hold ourselves to high standards and guide our strategies”

Pankaj Mehta
Chairman, Dimexon


It is all here: from our carbon consumption to how we track our diamonds through the supply chain, and those all-important pledges for our future.

This is Diamonds with Purpose.