Your trusted supplier of cut and polished diamonds

Our products

Our consistent volumes of calibrated smalls are each cut using microscopes and micrometers and individually assessed to within 0.05mm tolerance. Our fully audited supply chain gives our clients peace-of-mind by guaranteeing the ethical sourcing and full traceability of our natural diamonds.

Calibrated Smalls

Across all colours and qualities, we manufacture finely made polished diamonds according to mm-specific, calibrated specifications.

Cut: Round Brilliant Cut
Colour: D-J Clarity: IF – SI2
Size: 0.06-4.00mm


A selection of our diamonds ranging from 0.18 ct to 4.99 ct are graded by internationally known and recognised diamond grading laboratories, where the 4C’s are rigorously assessed and certified. (other labs, upon request)

Cut: Round Brilliant Cut
Colour: D-J, Clarity: IF – SI2
Size: 0.18-4.99ct
Certificates available: GIA

Fine Makes

Across all colours and qualities, we manufacture finely made polished diamonds according to generic, industry-recognised size bands: -2, stars, melees, 10 per carat up to 4 per carat.

Cut: Round Brilliant Cut
Colour: D-J, Light Colour, Lt. Brown
Clarity: IF – I1
Size: 0.001-0.30ct

Our services

We are internationally known as a trusted supplier of cut and polished diamonds. We work closely with our clients, many of whom are prestigious watch and jewellery brands, to ensure delivery of exceptional diamonds across a range of cuts and sizes.


Dimexon was one of the first companies to fully implement Natural Diamond Quality Assurance by introducing 100% screening of all diamonds at our sales offices and manufacturing facilities.

Such stringent standards provide our customers with the ultimate assurance that they are purchasing natural diamonds.


To ensure full pipeline integrity, our award-winning SAP ERP, combined with sophisticated pipeline tracking, enables us to track diamonds from rough stone through to polished sale. Our manufacturing processes come under independent scrutiny through our membership of the Forever mark programme.

Our primary sources of rough diamonds are established mining partners, including De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto. All our diamonds are GIA, HRD and IGI certified. We also operate our own grading laboratory overseen by a certified gemologist.

Bagging and Fluting

Bagging, fluting and kitting to highly specified product requirements simplify the ordering process for customers by preparing ready-matched diamonds for watches and jeweller.

Proprietary Cuts

To produce customised cuts to our clients’ requirements, a personal consultation is followed with hand-drawn sketches and CAD designs. The resulting proprietary diamond cut with its data, architectural detail and light-return information is submitted for Intellectual Property patent rights on behalf of the client to ensure its full protection.

The patented cuts are manufactured in our state-of-the-art diamond cutting facility by a skilled team with the advanced engineering skills needed to produce complex new cuts. Specification Details: Cut: Proprietary Size: 0.10ct and larger Colour: D - G Clarity: VVS – SI

Manufacturing, Systems and Processes

At Dimexon, efficiency and quality control are built into every aspect of our manufacturing systems. Our customised lean and cellular manufacturing allows it to process orders on time, in full and on spec, typically in three weeks, with the capacity to turn around specific orders very quickly. At our in-house Coimbatore and manufacturing partners facilities, we have honed our efficiency and productivity methods based on the Kaizen process of constant review and improvement.

Stringent quality controls at every stage of production allow the company to re-calibrate each diamond’s value and specification as it is processed. Our fully integrated, award-winning SAP ERP system, which it pioneered in 2007, links rough purchasing to polished delivery across the diamond portfolio, adding to the accountability of its manufacturing stream.

The ongoing investment includes collaborations with specialist technology and tooling companies to improve the performance of our manufacturing technology.