Responsible melee diamonds for businesses of all sizes

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We made our name by supplying the biggest brands in the world with ethically sourced melee diamonds and now we are making those same stones accessible to all, with no minimum order

Our client list reads like a ‘who’s who’ of jewellery and watch glitterati. Trusted for our consistent source of top-quality, fully traceable melee diamonds, we have become the go-to for serious luxury players over the past six decades. Now, we are opening up our vaults to businesses of all sizes through an innovative new digital platform. 

The launch of at the close of 2021 was a bold move. Jewellers who have tried to source melee diamonds with ethical credentials will know that this can be a difficult task. While traceability on larger stones has improved over the past few years, there is still little transparency when it comes to small diamonds. 

Yet it is becoming ever more important. As De Beers 2021 sustainability report showed, roughly a third of consumers now value sustainability above price and design when choosing a natural diamond. This growing sentiment calls for jewellers to take ever greater care when sourcing diamonds – even the tiniest stones. 

In an effort to make it easier for jewellery businesses of all sizes to make responsible choices when sourcing diamonds, we created a digital platform at which its stones can be ordered online. Once registered as a verified trade buyer, those signed up to can use the site to place orders for perfectly calibrated, fully traceable stones that are ethically crafted at our own facility in India. 

For business wishing to place large orders, the consistency of our supply and its guarantee that all of its diamonds are 100% natural, backed up by stringent testing processes, will be appealing. For those wishing to buy smaller parcels of ethically sourced stones, the lack of a minimum order will likely set Dimexon apart from other suppliers. 

By empowering businesses of all sizes with easy access to melee diamonds with strong ethical credentials, we hope to champion a brighter future for the jewellery industry.

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