Leading diamond manufacturer Dimexon launches a ground breaking new offer for small businesses

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Leading diamond manufacturer Dimexon launches a groundbreaking new offering for small and medium businesses

  • Dimexon’s new digital channel will specialise in providing ethical, traceable ‘melee’ (small & uncertified) diamonds

  • Dimexon is the first major diamond manufacturer to create a no minimum order service, which is expected to boost the capability of smaller watch and jewellery companies

  • The newly launched e-commerce enabled website provides the watch and jewellery industry with a user-friendly solution for procuring melee

Dimexon, one of the leading players in the diamond manufacturing industry with sales across the globe, is breaking barriers by providing diamonds to small and medium businesses that historically never had such access. The new service on Dimexon.com, is set to revolutionise how jewellers, designers and workshops source diamonds- allowing them to buy ethical, traceable small diamonds without a minimum order.



Dimexon’s new offer is an online marketplace where customers select and order calibrated diamonds that will fit their needs. This service has over 120 types of round, white calibrated diamonds available for purchase, with a delivery of just 3-5 days after placing an order. All diamonds are quality checked and sent from the Dimexon office in Antwerp. The digital offering is being spearheaded out of Copenhagen and will initially be focused on the European market.

Dimexon is the first major diamond manufacturer that has been able to provide traceable diamonds with no minimum order, changing the playing field for smaller and independent brands going forward. This service extension was realised as Dimexon experienced an increased demand for smaller orders and decided to use its digital expertise and lean supply chain to support a new category of customer.

“After being approached by smaller businesses repeatedly and noting a gap in the market for high-quality, standardised, traceable and ethically sourced melee diamonds - we decided to take action and fill that gap. We are now able to grant all jewellers, watchmakers, designers and workshops access to the most reputable and premium natural diamonds available. Dimexon has always been a pioneering brand that is able to realise the impossible. This is simply another extension of that,” says Vishal Mehta, Director of Dimexon.

About Dimexon

Dimexon is a leading diamond manufacturer, specialising in melee and calibrated round diamonds and are the preferred partner to some of the world’s most exclusive watch and jewellery maisons. They are renowned for traceable, ethically sourced, natural diamonds along with an innovative range of tailor-made solutions to help customers efficiently manage their supply chain. Dimexon primarily sources its natural rough diamonds through long-term contracts with major mining companies, namely, De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto. The Group was founded in 1966 by Mr. Pankaj Mehta and has since become a second-generation family business and international market leader. For more information visit: Dimexon.com

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