Diamonds on demand: the benefits of online ordering

Posted by Rik Verkaart on

You shop for everything else online… why not melee diamonds? Dimexon’s new B2B digital platform guarantees fast delivery with secure shipping and no minimum order.

It is hard to remember what life was like before the convenience of online shopping revolutionised how we organise our lives, taking over everything from our weekly grocery order to special luxury purchases. Digital ordering has also brought automation and speed to our business lives, which is why Dimexon has launched a new website that allows trade customers to purchase our sustainable melee diamonds with just a few clicks or taps.

So, how does buying diamonds online work? The setup is simple. First, you need to register as a trade buyer at As soon as our sales team has verified that you are a professional, an account will be created for you. Simply log in to browse our stock of diamonds and pricing information, add what you need to the cart, then make a payment using a credit card (prices are always in US dollars). The process is identical to any other type of purchase you might make online. 

And delivery is fast. Once your order is received by our sales team in Antwerp, it will be processed within 24 hours and shipped directly to your business address. Your diamonds will usually arrive within three working days. For jewellers in the UK who might be concerned about the red tape caused by Brexit, let us reassure you that we work with a specialist logistics partner to ensure deliveries navigate all required legislation to arrive safely and swiftly. 

All of our deliveries are fully insured. We work with specialist high-value carriers Malca Amit and Ferrari to ensure that deliveries are safe and secure. Shipping is free on orders totalling $500 or more. There is no minimum order at, which makes our sustainable diamonds accessible to businesses of all sizes, but we do charge a $50 delivery fee on orders that fall below the $500 threshold. 

While we aim to deliver melee diamonds to you at speed, we never compromise on the quality we are known for just to achieve expediency. All of our sustainable diamonds are fully traceable, guaranteed to be 100% natural and expertly calibrated so that you receive exactly what you order, every time. There are several quality checkpoints throughout our supply chain as the diamonds move from our cutting and polishing facility in Coimbatore, India, to our sorting house in Mumbai and on to our sales office in Antwerp. No step is ever skipped.   

Buying natural melee diamonds online with Dimexon is fast, simple and convenient – do your ordering from anywhere, at any time that suits you. The quality of the stones is unsurpassed, and our industry-leading ethical credentials mean you can buy with confidence. Sign up for a free account today to see just how easy it really is.

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