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The pandemic showed us we don’t need to meet face to face to buy melee diamonds, which is why we are innovating with new digital platform that saves you time and money 

There is much rhetoric in marketing circles about not commoditising diamonds when speaking with customers. This is true: it is far better to celebrate the beauty of a stone than the Four Cs. When it comes to ordering melee diamonds, however, stats are everything. 

At Dimexon’s new digital platform, verified trade buyers have the chance to purchase its sustainable melee diamonds online as easily as you would any other purchase. After registering online and being verified by the sales team, buyers will have full access to four categories of diamonds: loupe clean, fine VS, white SI and commercial SI. Sizes range from 0.90mm to 2.70mm (in 0.05 mm increments), and colour gradings run from D through to G.

Simply select the diamonds that you want to buy, add to basket and pay with a credit card. Your selection will be packed and shipped at our Antwerp office, and should arrive at your business address within three days. 

Each parcel of diamonds has been expertly calibrated to ensure what you order is exactly what you get, and all the diamonds are tested at numerous points along the supply chain to ensure the stones are 100% natural. We are renowned for our stringent sourcing policy, and as a fully integrated diamond supplier all the gems you buy online with us are fully traceable and ethically crafted from rough by our own staff. 

In a bid to ensure that businesses of all sizes are able to access our responsible diamonds, there is no minimum order at This allows companies to be agile when it comes to cash flow by only ordering what they need. No more parcels of diamonds left in the safe waiting for the next commission.


As the supplier of choice for the biggest jewellery and watch brands in the world, Dimexon is known for offering not just ethically sourced diamonds but melee of the best possible quality. To see the stones for yourself, do make sure to stop by our stand at the UK Jewellery Festival in London on September 1st.  

With quality and ethics you can trust in, the rest is just painting by numbers – how many carats, which colours, what clarity? This is why ordering online makes so much sense. It can save time, protect your cash flow, and with Dimexon’s reliable supply, you can rest assured that what you order will be exactly what will arrive on your doorstep. Try it out. Your first order is only a few clicks away. 

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